Who's Your Drug Dealer?

I can't imagine any reasonably minded person would actually buy prescription drugs online. Think about it... you have no idea where those drugs are actually coming from... if they're really what they're supposed to be... or whether they'll actually harm (or kill) you.

I'm not alone in this.
The RCMP is warning people not to buy prescription drugs like Viagra online because they could not only be fake, but dangerous to your health.
Thousands of parcels with phoney drugs have been intercepted at Vancouver's international mail centre over the past six months, according to Sgt. Duncan Pound, media relations officer for the RCMP's Federal Border Integrity Program.
Organized crime is behind many of the false products hawked over the internet, from Viagra to phoney swine flu treatments, Pound told a Vancouver news conference Thursday.
He warned that not only is it illegal to import prescription drugs into Canada, but buying such products is like playing Russian roulette.
They don't have to worry about me. I'm not planning on making some unknown and elusive party on the other end of an online order into my drug dealer. When I need drugs, it's just going to have to be scrawled on a piece of paper no one can read but my pharmacist, by the family physician I know and love.

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