Hard drives are like basements...

If you're like most folks, your hard drive is littered with stuff you don't use anymore. Old games, old bookmarks, programs you thought were interesting and were desperately sure you needed to download them, and other such stuff. It's nothing to be ashamed about... we all do it. We mean to 'tidy up' our computers but somehow it never happens. It's a good thing they really don't have feelings, because if they did, they'd probably feel like a neglected child. We're just so busy and we think our hard drive will just never run out. It's like that back storage room in the basement of our homes. We think it'll always have room for one more box.

Eventually though, we haul one more box in there only to realize that one more box won't fit, and we have to clean out and/or organize that dumb room. Such is life for your computer's hard drive too. One day, you realize you have to get it together and organize everything so you can get rid of what you don't need and make room for more 'boxes. It's then that you might realize you have a need for directory compare, software that helps you do just that. If you want to optimize the data you're keeping in your computer, and correlate the volume of the disk and the requirements, their disk analysis serves this purpose. It will try understand how much space there is on your disk, how much of that is free... and it will compare folders.

I'm not exactly the biggest techie geek around, and I can't even promise you that I plan on cleaning up my own hard drive anytime soon. I just don't have time for that. I'm still in my basement back room... going through boxes!