Oprah's last words of advice...

You'd think she had died for all the fuss about the announcement that her show will be done after 25 years, at the end of the season in late 2011, but Oprah will still be around to tell us what to buy. Indeed, via her own network and her magazine, she'll likely still be recommending her favorite products and books, and making sure all those of us who need that advice before we make a purchase, are still able to get it.

Now, while it's not her 'last words', this holiday season, Oprah's O, The Oprah Magazine, has featured GiftCardLab.com as the first "Design-Your-Own" Custom Photo Visa Gift Card... and most who follow her do consider hers to be the last word on anything. In this case, she's given the 'last word' on GiftCardLab as being one of a select group of great holiday gift ideas. Starting at $5.95, O Magazine has chosen to highlight Gift Card Lab's "Ingenious Online Software [that] lets you use your own photos to create customized Visa Cards."

It sounds easy. You upload your favorite photo, logo or image (or use one of their designs) onto a Visa gift card and in minutes you have a personalized gift like no other. If you're a person who likes to give gift cards for Christmas, you'll be even more pleased to know that you can use promo code "pumpkin" and receive a $2/card discount.

I may not be the biggest Oprah fan, but once in a while she chooses something even I can get behind. A personalized gift card sounds pretty cool to me and whether the recipient uses that card to spoil themselves, or for something necessary like groceries, it's likely to be a gift they'll appreciate.
Check out the press release and if you like, come back and tell me what you think!