Skip the Splenda... everyone needs a little sugar!

My friend Judy has a saying. Known as the sugarqueen... Judy is fond of the tagline, "Everyone needs a little sugar."

Today, it seems we learn that artificial sweeteners just might not be good for us after all, and in fact, may contribute to weight gain.

The Washington Post reports:
""We found that the rats that were getting artificially sweetened yogurt gained more weight and ate more food," said study author Susan Swithers, an associate professor of psychological sciences at the Ingestive Behavior Research Institute at Purdue University. "The take-home message is that consumption of artificially sweetened products may interfere with an automatic process."

I've never been one to diet, or to use sugar substitutes. In fact, a little more than 20 years ago, a friend was pregnant and her doctor told her to stay away from them while pregnant. That's always remained with me, and the more I've ever researched them, the more I've always kept my opinion the same.

So... it seems Judy's been right all along.

Everyone needs a little sugar!

[Image source: Home Sweet Home]