Adrianne Curry: I'm not a lesbian.

Former "Brady Bunch" star, Christopher Knight and "America's Next Top Model" season 1 winner, Adrianne Curry met and fell in love on season four of VH1's "The Surreal Life." The unlikely couple moved in together, got engaged and got married, all very publicly thanks to their reality series "My Fair Brady." The show created new uses for the common air-sickness bag as users found it necessary to be prepared for the inevitable.

January 20, 2008 saw a resurgence in barf bag interest as 'My Fair Brady ... Maybe Baby' premiered. In the show, Curry had planned to surprise Knight with a gift of nude photos of herself and a female friend. Finding the pictures early, Knight became upset because according to him, he'd always suspected her of being a lesbian and for him, this cemented it. Curry cries and insists she isn't a lesbian, she's a chris-ian. Chris-ian as in Christopher.

Yes... she really did say that.

It's times like this where I remember that I never did like Peter Brady... and I am relieved.

To watch the video clip, click on the still image, but please... check if you might have one of those bags available.