Why I'm Building a New House

I have to build a new house.

It's a conclusion I've come to for a very good reason. You see... I've always wanted a Grandfather clock, and the fraccy home just doesn't have a suitable spot for it. Oh sure, I've the perfect spot for any one of these beautiful mantle clocks, but a Grandfather clock, like a Grandfather who has his own special chair in the home... requires a special spot to call his own.

This all started after I came across this clock over at 1-800-4CLOCKS.COM (their home page for all new clocks) and yes... that is the name of their site. I hadn't realized how many different styles Grandfather clocks actually came in, nor did I realize that a person could find so many styles of Mantle (also known correctly as Mantel) clocks either, but I was blown away at the shopping at their site. I learned (much to Mr. Frac's misfortune) that I seem to have an affinity for clocks valued in the, oh... tens of thousands of dollars.


Those clocks tend to be of a more modern design, and while I do love them, since my first choice would have to be this, more traditional style... it just means I'll need a bigger house to keep them all in.

And so... I have to build a new house.

The alternative would be to forget about owning any of these beautiful pieces, but that just isn't a good idea. After all, the fraccy children need to have some large memorable piece of furniture to be gifted in this old goose's will, now... don't they? And right there is a good reason why I need more than one of these clocks and a bigger house to display them in. Three fraccy kids = at least three clocks.

The only thing I haven't worked out yet, is how to keep them safe from all the clock-eating goats out there.

It's true. Bloggers don't lie. Goats eat clocks, and therefore, my new house will simply have to have a no-goats policy.