Online Writing Tools

I make use of a few different free online tools that help when writing, regardless of the task. I'll share a few with you and perhaps they'll help you too!

1.  Word Count Tool

Copy and paste your text into the box and click submit. Word Count Tool will tell you what your word count is.

2.  Free Online Spell Checker

Just as above, copy and paste. Choose your language and your off to the races!

3.  Spellchecker, Grammar and Thesaurus

Same as above, but will allow you to check spelling, then check grammar and thesaurus.

Use these tools and you'll have perfect writing. Now all you need is inspiration. I'll post about that too... just as soon as something inspires me. For now, how about I inspire you with this closing thought. See if you can write something about it.
Think eggs, think nightmares.
Your challenge is calling.