Software that will get you brownies!

Would you forget your head if it weren't attached to your shoulders by your neck? If so, there's nifty new auto log off software available that prevent the network administrator at your job from wanting to place yours on the block.

If you'd like to earn a few brownie points at work, let them know there are lots of features with the ScreenPass screen locking system. Features such as being able to enforce password security, auto logoff idle workstations, limit screen saver selection, unlock workstations with 'true' administrator override, centrally control security options, set a Bouncing Image Screen Saver, and record events to application event log or text files. Yeah... all of that to help them manage what you're doing more effectively.

They might just be so grateful for the software tip, they'll bring you real brownies to work. Everyone knows real brownies are always a good thing... and the brownie points can't hurt either!