Love of words

I tend to talk (or write) a lot. Some would call me a lover of words, others might just call me a big mouth. Hoping for the former, I suppose an extension of that might be one who has an interest in a variety of words. There's a site for those people. It's called wordnik.

I think I love this site. In fooling around with their 'random word' feature, I was given the following:


(American Heritage Dictionary)


Induced in a patient by a physician's activity, manner, or therapy. Used especially of an infection or other complication of treatment.


In the medical field these unintended consequences have a fancy term - iatrogenic - which means 'doctor caused.' — The Common Room

Why might this word be useful to me?

Well... many years ago, fracas entered the treatment room of a chiropractor who was supposed to 'fix' me up after an injury. Instead, I left the office with a new injury... to a body part that was previously not injured. It might not be an infection, but I bet it qualified.

'Doctor caused.'

Had I known he was an iatrogenic jerk in training (ie: an I J I T) I'd never have gone to him.

Oh wordnik, where were you then?