Adam Lambert FAIL

I can't say I was a fan of his even on American Idol, but Lambert's performance at the American Music Awards was awful.

He sang off pitch and while the music itself had a catchy-ness to it, the more entertainers have to shove their kink and their sexual preferences in my face, the more I turn the channel. Frankly, if you can't entertain me with your singing... you aren't a music artist. 

So dear Adam... if you get a thrill out of forcing some submissively attired guy to give you a blow job, maybe do it in the privacy of your own bedroom instead of on the stage at the American Music Awards. I still have a thirteen year old who doesn't need to see that crap just because you want the world to know what your sexual preferences are, and you know what? I bet your mom would rather you kept that to yourself too. Oh, it has nothing to do with whether you're gay, or heterosexual either. I bet some of my heterosexual friends do things in their bedroom that I don't want my kid to see on prime time television either.

Get a room... and a brain. If you can sing... then sing. If not, go away, and please... take 'Lady' Gaga with you.