Nadya Gosselin?

Jon & Kate + Eight - Kate + Nadya Sulemon + Fourteen = Jon & Nadya + Twenty Two?

Nadya, with her already reported and admitted crush on Jon and all, is finally going to get her date with Jon Gosselin... albeit a reality show date that Jon only agreed to because he wants to be famous and no one else wants to hire him right now, but hey... it's a date, right? And a date with an actual person, (no matter how you got that date) is still better than a date with a petrie dish, a doctor and a syringe, right?

But there's this one problem.

Jon & Kate + Eight actually rhymed and was cute and catchy and made you want to watch. The only thing that rhymes or comes to mind when you hear Jon & Nadya... is whaddya. Whaddya thinking Jon?

The fraccy suggestion to all of them?

Get some counseling.