Yes, I am shameless!

I happened to be trying to catch up on a few blogs I've been missing lately due to my ridiculously hectic life (note to self... sometimes you have to say no otherwise they think you're easy and seriously, being easy when it comes to doing stuff for everyone else is way less fun than being that other kind of easy) and I happened upon the blog of that Saskatchewanian extraordinaire... bluepaintred.

So it seems she's been replacing her text blogroll with a photo blogroll, and to do so has been sneaking to our blogs at night and stealing pictures.

Metalmom's comment to the post was this:
"I like this idea. Now the illiterates will be able to look through for the best pictures!"

I checked to see if she'd crept into my blog yet, noticed that she had... and quite frankly, my image there (a scaled down version of my header) looked...

b o r i n g.

This cannot be allowed. Fracas boring? How on earth will all her readers know they can find sexy bras, sexy shoes, posts about crotch shots, strippers, cold hard nipples, blog teasing, all manner of talk about naughty things (that would be where the cold hard nipples would come in) and if truth be told... an awful lot of poking fun at Daddypapersurfer?

I considered bribing her to change the photo, but what to bribe her with? She already has a considerable stock of penis soaps and sexy underpants. We know this from that time she accidentally sent a pair to school with her young son. I'm sure the parents on that PTA are still a little leery when she volunteers to "chair" anything.

But I digress.

Fracas lips logo for bluepaintredI decided instead, to make up a new image to save her the inconvenience of my whining, and offer it here instead, along with her very own post and plug for all of you to go over and vote for her at Fuelmyblog. I'm not sure if she's received her snorgtee yet, because being from Canada... we just always expect to have to wait two years longer than anyone else to get stuff here. Bluepaintred... please, pretty please... use this much more exciting image of my green lips in your blogroll!

So anyway, would you all please go vote for her at Fuelmyblog, and in your comment with your fuel, don't click the "I like the blog" or the "I like the posts" button, click the one to add a comment, and type in "Please change fracas' image in your blogroll so she'll stop whining about it!"

I promise you it will make me really happy.

Happy fracas posts things that make everyone else happy too.

And yes... I am a blog-tease and that's why I shouldn't have a boring picture anywhere.