Dumb Blonde Joke #4218

Over at the original fracas blog, I posted a dumb blonde joke sent to me by my fraccy sis Aussiebabe, and I enjoyed it so much I've decided to entertain you a wee bit with a smattering of dumb blonde jokes over here.

From time to time, some of them might be a bit racy, but I have a feeling you won't mind, since this is the whore-y version of fracas.

I know, I know. Geez.. there's enough naughty stuff posted at the original, you kind of expected me to be posting nude fracas shots over here if I'm calling it the whore-y version. What I mean by that though, is that this blog is where you will start seeing some paid posts happening. Oddly enough, those paid posting people wanted to see traffic and links and all that happening here before they wanted to pay me anything to post for them here. Geez. Pushy, don't you think? I just expected people would want to throw me money for nothing and it seems I actually am supposed to work for it. What's the world coming to?

I give you then... dumb blonde joke #4218.

Don't ask where dumb blonde jokes #1-4216 are. I'm sure they're out there. I just chose to start where I did. Shut up... or I'll come over there and paint your porch.