I Can't Do Lunch, I'm Geting a Boob Job.

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Every now and again, I post an edition of the Red Bra Diaries here at Fracas. I do it because I like to keep all my readers happy. I like shoes. I talk about shoes. I post about shoes and you know... we women will find any excuse to talk about and/or buy new shoes. So... I thought it only fair to have a feature men would enjoy too.

The Red Bra Diaries was born as the younger sibling of The Red Shoe Diaries.

So imagine the thrill I got, to stumble upon a news story informing us of how in the near future... we might just be able to get boob jobs on our lunch breaks.


I know I for one, have never entertained the thought of a boob job. All that slicing and stuffing of plasticy pouches into mushy goopy places; all the stitching and the scars and all. Eeeuw. I've seen one done on that medical show... you know those reality shows where they show the actual surgery? Totally gross. I vowed then, that should I ever need a boob job, it would have to be the kind that involves a couple of rolled up socks or a box of 3-ply.

And then I found this article.
    "WOMEN could be having boob jobs in their lunch breaks as early as next year, according to a scientific journal.A fast-track breast enlargement process is to be rolled out by a Californian biotech company and could be introduced across Europe by next year, the Chemistry and Industry magazine says.The procedure, called Celution, takes just over an hour and involves injecting a "super-charged'' fat mixture into breast tissue.

    Fat is taken from a patient's buttocks or stomach using minor liposuction under local anaesthetic.

    The useful stem cells are separated out and an hour later a dose of stem and regenerative cells is packaged into a cartridge ready for injection.

    It costs a few thousand dollars and the breasts enlarge over about six months, according to the program's creator Cytori Therapeutics."

So.. I thought we should all celebrate with another edition of The Red Bra Diaries. Imagine that folks... women will be able to boob job themselves to their heart's content, and no one will be able to tell if the boobs are home or factory grown anymore.

Now that... has gotta be having a whole lotta husbands out there tossing their change into an empty jam jar in anticipation of their gal being able to fill out the likes of the sample at left.

You're welcome, one and all!