Amy Fisher. Who really wants to see her sex tape?

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It seems the world is just brinmming over with sex tapes these days. A fad's a fad, and just like once upon a time everyone had to have a Slinky, a Chiapet or perhaps a Pet Rock, in this day, everyone seems to need to have a sex tape.

In this article by David K. Li, I learned that Amy "Okay, I did shoot your wife Mr. Buttafuoco" Fisher is disgusted at the idea that a tape of her and husband Lou Bellera will soon hit the market. One wonders then, how the tape, if not "accidentally slipped" Vanessa Hudgens style got on the market in the first place.

Enter one angry husband, temporarily separated from his former pistol wielding wife.

It seems they were going through a bad time, separated, and Mr. Bellara "made a bad decision that's coming back to haunt them now."


As well as the rest of us.

Wrote Li, in his New York Post article,
    "But in the time Fisher and her hubby were in Splitsville, Bellera hawked the tape to L.A. smut peddler Red Light District Video, which is expected to start selling their steamy footage next month."I was told she was a willing participant at the time it was made, as a private video with her husband," Krieff said.

    It wasn't until August that Fisher, who has since reconciled with Bellera, learned of the Red Light deal and wants to stop the video's release. "

Read the rest of Li's article here, and read about the brief reunion of Fisher and Buttafuoco while each was separated from their respective spouses here. Apparently their reunion revolved around talk of a Reality TV Show that would have their estranged spouses also move in. Read about that ridiculous premise here.

All I have to say about this, is that nowadays, making a sex tape, no matter who you are, is a rather foolish thing to do. I know I won't be searching for copies of Amy Fisher and Lou Bellara's sex tape, but there are thousands of people who will be. That... for someone who truly didn't want pictures like that out for the public to see, has got to feel worse than the bullet Mary Jo Buttafuoco took to the head. All in all, I'd have to say Mr. Bellara deserves the Asshat of the Day Award.

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[Image source for the odd threesome now: Splash News/AP Photo/Splash News via Demopolis Live]

[Image source for the odd threesome then: TV Crunch]