The Great American Idol Quiz

Next week, American Idol is back, and while some are calling it the best season ever, (Okay, by "some" I mean Simon Cowell...) fracas is just concerned about whether or not Joh Q. Public knows which former Idol contestant is also a transvestite stripper.

You can check your Idol IQ over at's quiz...

If you have the guts, come back and tell me whether or not you scored:

15-18: You are probably having a secret affair with Ryan Seacrest.
12-14: Randy Jackson would pay you his highest compliment: "A'ight, Dawg!"
9-11: Paula Abdul might actually have been paying more attention than you.
8 or less: Hello, Simon Cowell. Thanks for taking our quiz.

And in the meanwhile, does anyone know if there will be any "sex" this season or not?

Good sex or bad sex... I'm just wondering if there's going to be any. Aren't you?