On Toonies and Birds

Just Fracas is kind of like the rec room or basement of your grandma's home. It's where everything that doesn't go somewhere else in the house, ends up. It can provide you with entertainment or a snack from that extra refrigerator that got moved downstairs for those holiday times when the main fridge isn't enough (mostly it's full of beer though...) or it might be where the old family albums and stuff are stored.

Sometimes, it's the place where I write the odd post because someone paid me to... but that isn't exactly a huge booming business anymore.

No, a lot of folks who used to regularly blog for money, have noticed that the world changes, and the opportunities aren't what they used to be. Whereas folks used to be able to write for a decent rate, those offers come less and less, with the 'old time' paid bloggers becoming rather upset at being offered a pittance for their posts compared to what they used to be offered (or qualify for).

So those who haven't been into this for the long haul, are figuring out that they might be better off to start a business and blog about their business, instead of just blogging for a toonie[1].

I suppose if I lived in Nevada, and chose to go this route, I might even be looking for a Nevada registered agent to help me incorporate that business. Since I'm not though, I might continue to take the occasional paid post job, but more likely is that I'll come up with some other scheme to earn money because writing posts for pennies is for the birds.

[1] In Canada, paper money starts with the five dollar denomination. There are no longer any one or two dollar paper bills available, save for those that were hoarded by collectors. A 'toonie' is what we call our two dollar coin. Our one dollar coin is known as a 'loonie' because depicted on it is a loon. The loonie was issued first, and when the two dollar coin followed, regardless of what anyone might've wanted to call it, 'toonie' was the word that stuck.