Don't Drink and Walk Either...

Everyone knows we're not supposed to drink and drive, but the journal Injury Prevention reported (back in 2005, no less) that drinking and walking is also dangerous!

From the report released that year:

From 1986 to 2002, 410 pedestrians were killed on New Year’s Day. Fifty-eight percent of those killed had high blood alcohol concentrations.

And so, if you read news online, you'll notice that today, in advance of New Year's Eve celebrations, papers are warning folks not only to not drive home drunk... but to not walk home drunk either.

It's good advice I suppose, and though fracas generally doesn't even get drunk, she's sure the cab companies will benefit from the countless others who do... and are now aware that walking home drunk just might mean they don't make it home safely that way either.

Take care out there this year; everyone has someone to whom they matter. Arrive alive. No party is worth your life.