Is it Halloween again already?

Last Halloween, I posted some fabby fraccy tips that would be a shame to just let them sit in the archives, so I've decided to give the post a bump and feature it again for those who missed it first time around.

Have a Horrible Halloween!

Well, on purpose of course...

I'm sharing these Halloween tips and recipes that were posted earlier at one of my other blogs. You might still be able to manage a few last minute ideas if you hurry.


Serving up frightening fare is easier than you think. Below are links to some awesome recipes that will help you have the most talked about party around.

Creepy, gross, scary, spooky Halloween treats thumbnails

A. Witches Brooms and Hats Recipe
B. Bleeding Human Heart Recipe
C. Butterfinger Eyeballs Recipe
D. Witch Finger Cookies
E. Spooky Spider Cookies

More Recipes for spooky party treats can be found here, here and here.


The following are ideas to help make your party the spookiest!

  • Fill a plastic or latex glove with water you've tinted with red food coloring. When frozen, float in your punch for a ghoulish effect.
  • Scoop out oranges as though they were pumpkins. Save the oranges and chop them up for use in a fruit salad, or cook them up with a bag of fresh cranberries and a cup of sugar for an awesome cracker spread that looks like bloody hell. Carve little jack-o-lantern faces in the oranges and use them to serve chocolate ice cream.
  • Cut open large black garbage bags as tablecloths, draped haphazardly across the table or hung from your ceiling. If hanging, tear and shred the edges for an even better effect.
  • Use the fake spiderwebby stuff to abundance. It's one of the most inexpensive ways to create atmosphere. Check your local dollar-type store for the best deals.
  • Whip up some fake blood using some of these great recipes. Be careful and mindful of surfaces that might stain from food coloring though.
  • A bowlful of dried cranberries (or cherries) labeled 'scabs' will creep everyone out.
  • Scoop out miniature pumpkins and use them as votive candleholders. Insert (4 per side) black pipecleaners bent to look like spider legs and voila... creepy spider candles!
  • Serving beverages in a bowl with a ladle allows you to place a larger bowl with some dry ice and a bit of water underneath, thus creating a fog billowing out. (Be extremely careful handling dry ice, doing so only with proper gloves as it will burn your skin.)
  • Keep it dim or dark, and replace your lamps with black-light bulbs, or a red or green bulb. No one looks good in green light!

Pumpkin Carving

These sites ask for a small membership fee to allow you access to all the patterns, or they charge a small fee by the pattern. I receive no compensation from any of them and am listing them only to give you an idea of what's possible. Sites offering free patterns are listed below these. Please check the free sites out thoroughly, since some have better patterns than others, and though free, there are some truly good templates available for free.

The following, are some sites offering free templates to help you carve that extra-special Halloween Jack-o-lantern this year!

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