Hashtags Reveal Unheralded Twitter Comics

If you tweet, you know that often, the opportunity to be funny and creative pops up in the form of a hashtag for something fun-inspiring making the 'Trending Topics' list.

If you don't tweet, go sign up, then look in the right sidebar of your profile page under 'Trending Topics'. A hashtag is simply using the # symbol in front of any word to turn it into a tag. It will turn that tag into a link, and everyone else can click on it and be taken to a list of everyone else who's used that tag for their tweet.

Trending topics are when everyone uses a certain tag in their tweet and twitter can track how often something is being talked about.

Today, the top trending topic for awhile, was #oneletteroffmovies, resulting in tons of hilarious tweets. The idea was to take the title of a movie and replace part of the title with another word that would turn the title into something funny. At best, you accomplish this by changing only one letter.

Here are a list of my favorites (so far) from the gig:

  • chic1967: Porn on the 4th of July #oneletteroffmovies
  • anmlbr8tion: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Hind #oneletteroffmovies
  • ElectricStudio: Lush Hour #oneletteroffmovies
  • papaparkin: The Dork Knight #oneletteroffmovies
  • cwriter79: I couldn't resist. #oneletteroffmovies Where The Wild Flings Are.
  • therealfracas: #oneletteroffmovies for the internet obsessed: "The Postman Always Pings Twice"
  • debbimack: Four Weedings and a Funeral #oneletteroffmovies
  • pberard: Jurassic Pork #oneletteroffmovies
  • INAHAM: #oneletteroffmovies The Dummy
So go sign up, (and add @therealfracas to your following list) to either take part, or just enjoy a chuckle or two.