Has your Facebook been hacked?

I came across this story yesterday. It's absolutely outrageous that there are companies doing this. We've all heard of the brat 14 year old hacker with nothing better to do with their time than cause mischief, but in this case it's an actual company, stealing identities to try sell their products.

Helen Breimer of Truro died of cancer nine months ago, but when her daughter Shelby checked her mother’s Facebook account on Oct. 1, her mother’s status had been updated.

Her mother’s profile photo, a picture of her on horseback, was now hawking colon cleanser and claiming she had lost 8½ pounds.

"Her page had been updated and I was just like, how?" said Shelby, 15.

Nova Scotia privacy lawyer David Fraser said there have been a lot of these cases in the last couple of weeks and this form of spam is relatively new.

"All of these seem to be connected to Facebook Mobile," said Mr. Fraser.

"It uses the ability that Facebook has that you can update your status from your cellphone."

The company that hacked into Helen Breimer’s account sells a product called CleanseProX...


Reprehensible. Absolutely reprehensible.