Don't put that nut in your mouth...

This one has me totally baffled.

Thieves who stole 660 pounds of hazelnuts in Germany have been urgently warned
not to eat them.

Hamburg police spokesman Holger Vehren said the sacks
containing the nuts were full of poisonous hydrogen phosphate gas, used to
extend their shelf life. The nuts must first be treated to make them safe for

I'm just wondering what the reason for stealing 660 pounds of hazelnuts might be? I mean, hazelnuts are yummy, but seriously... why? Is there some underground black market nut trade that I've never heard about?

Is it a roving band of naughty squirrels?

Perhaps a housewife eager to start on her Christmas baking?

If someone out there has the slightest idea why anyone would go to the effort of stealing 660 pounds of hazelnuts, please do post and let me know so I can sleep tonight.



[Click here for the photo source, and a the recipe which went with the photo: Butter Toasted Hazelnuts]