Oprah Winfrey is not God

Here it is.

I'm glad it's not just me. For years, I've had this disdain towards Oprah. A common saying I have with my kids, is that I give shit where shit is due and credit where credit is due. Most times, I find it's the shit I feel is due where it comes to Oprah.

The sum total, is that for too many years, she's presented herself as the "Just follow me, I know the path all people should take. I am the way, follow me" entity.

It's a dangerous place to plant one's self. She can't possibly hope to live up.

I stumbled across a cafepress store selling I Hate Oprah shirts, and it prompted me to look for others who share my opinion. This isn't a paid post. Please note that.

Here is a collection of links for those who prefer to worship someone other than Oprah. It might seem like it some days, but you are not alone.

[Editor's Note] One Nation Under Oprah
"While playing a jolly game of inquiries recently, I was prompted to answer the question, “What is the biggest threat to humankind?” Hastily, and foolishly, I responded, “ignorance.” But after further rumination over the question, I have arrived at what I know to be the most imminent, dangerous catalyst for utter self-destruction: Oprah Winfrey."

We Hate Oprah!
"Do you remember that show were Oprah “gave” away all those cars?! People thought she was the best! So generous! After all, 276 cars is a lot of cash to give away! 8 million to be exact. Guess what. Oprah never paid for them, she just wanted it to appear that way. General Motors wanted to launch the new Pontiac G6 in a big way, so they stuck a deal with Oprah, yet another clever product placement deal, GM gets themselves a massive market, and in turn, Oprah’s image is better than even."

Hating Oprah
"Roughly half the respondents to today's Tribune click poll say they "hate" Oprah Winfrey."

Why I Hate Oprah
"i guess i’m expecting too much from a woman who expects closed stores to open the doors for her after closing time, and who then publicly flogs the store and its management until they are forced to come on the show and apologize. for no good reason, i might add, except that she is evidently so god-like at this point that no one can dispute what she says, even if it is dead wrong, and so the company has to eat crow to save their stock price. would hermes open the store for me after closing time? or you? hell no."

Columns - I Hate Oprah
"Oprah Winfrey is a modern demagogue. She's like the soccer mom's Mussolini, prescribing what to wear, what to read, who to vote for, and even what to eat. The truth is, I just don't think that I, nor anyone else, really comprehend the limits of her power. And just think, ten years ago she was nothing more than the female equivalent of Geraldo Rivera"

Why I Hate Oprah
"She has this vast fortune, and could do so much good. But instead she makes these little pet projects that she can plaster her fat fucking face all over, and tell the world, "oooh, look how fucking good I am for helping the little poor kids". When instead, had she done a little fucking research, she could have accomplished something phenomenal, and helped thousands more. But of course, those kids wouldn't have had her face on every goddamn book cover. Congratulations, Ms. Winfrey, on creating a brand new class of haves and have-nots, you egomaniacal fuckhead douchebag*."

Oprah educating a whole new generation of man haters.
"The extravagances involved with this girls’ school seems a bit too elitist to accomplish anything more than resentment from the middle-class families whose incomes were too great to make the cut. "

And it doesn't end there. You might spend your time at Google, Youtube, or at any other website you favour for seeking information online. You'll find there are indeed, folks out there who like me, prefer to put Oprah's status as a Saint, on that very last backburner. You know... the one that hasn't worked in years and you just don't care whether you use it or not. That's where the campaign to declare Oprah a Saint belongs. And anyway... if you asked her, it's probably not the position she wants anyway. She's fixing to be The Saviour.

No thanks.

I'd rather buy the t-shirt.

[Oprah Image Source: Uncooked Meat (see link also above and please visit the blog)

T-Shirt Image Source: Simple Hatred Store]