Elisha Cuthbert. The truth about her sex tape.

Elisha Cuthbert PhotoFrom time to time I come across something that makes my day.

In this world of celebrity women who think the only way to stay on top (excuse the pun) is to make a sex tape, leak nude photos of themselves or get caught for driving while drunk, a mom sometimes feels like she made a grievous error by not moving out to some shack in the country and keeping her children oblivious to the crap in the world until they're, oh, say... thirty.

And then you have a day where you come across first, a story that makes you sigh and think, "Another one bites the dust" only to be followed by (through dilligently tracking sources for the story and photos) finding out that the story wasn't true in the first place.

Here's how it happened.

Girlsgonesports reported that Eluisha Cuthbert made a sex tape.

I could've just ran with that, posted it here and watched the hits happen. Instead, I chose to check it out, something I try to do before I post something. In doing so, I found a retraction over at Egotastic.

Elisha Cuthbert is beautiful photoWhile the retraction post is chock full of still shots that appear to have come from a sex tape, they are nothing but still photos from her movie, The Girl next Door. The retraction reads:
    "Earlier today, Egotastic! published a story reporting on rumours of an alleged Elisha Cuthbert sex tape. We have since been informed by representatives of Ms. Cuthbert that the rumours upon which we were reporting are untrue, and completely fabricated. We apologize to Elisha Cuthbert for any unintentional distress or undue hardship our report may have caused her.To our knowledge, there is NO Elisha Cuthbert sex tape, nor has there ever been such a tape. Accordingly, the article in question has since been removed from this site, along with any links to the original, false claims.Once again, we offer our sincerest apologies to Elisha Cuthbert, and to the readers of this site."

Pleased as punch I am, to be able to offer another "there is no sex tape" type of post as opposed to a "lookie lookie, here's another idiot with a sex tape" post.

Elisha Cuthbert Brain-Meltingly BeautifulTo their credit, Egotastic does have an earlier post entitled, Elisha Cuthbert is Brain-Meltingly Beautiful.

I've always agreed with that. So click on the link to the retraction post if you want to view the still shots from the movie, The Girl Next Door, and do enjoy the photos I've included here. Just photos of a beautiful woman who has no sex tape available. Please, Elisha, keep it that way. You don't need it, and frankly... in my book you're ahead for not having one!