Fuelmyblog is good folk.

Each week I log into blogger to post my contribution to the fuelmyblog blog. I see the option there, to post at my blogger fracas blog, and yet... by the time I'm done my fuel post, I end up signing out.

Everyone knows my main blog is actually at the WordPress Fracas account, and so I tend to forget about this one.

If you've stumbled in here and wonder why there's never anything new... that's why. I suggest you check out the fuelmyblog blog and follow the links there back to the WordPress fracas. Fuelmyblog is a great place with great people and tons of really great blogs to be introduced to.

They run contests, manage blog voting, run their own blog and a forum as well... if you don't find some new friends there, there is just something wrong with you.

So go.... the excitement is over there.